LG G5 Starts Receiving Via OTA 7.0 Android Nougat

If you have a LG G5, then get ready to receive 7.0 Android Nougat in a matter of days. An Italian user has already received the update via OTA in its terminal, so don’t take too long to reach all units in the world.

The update weighs 1.5 GB (if you want the exact number: 1512.52 MB) and apart from the new features of Android Nougat (split screen, fast switching between apps, fast response, quick installation of apps, new settings, etc.), including those relating to LG UX 5.0 +, the personalization of the South Korean company able.

Apart from the Nexus (and now the Pixel), always is the question of who will be the first manufacturers to implement new versions of Android. So far Motorola (Lenovo) used to be the fastest, but it seems that LG, that with your LG V20 brings installed Nougat of manufactures, and now with its modular LG G5, is trying to differentiate itself from the competition through the software.