LG G3 has been launched – read more about the top model!

Yesterday, LG G3, LG’s newest flagship, finally launched. Can this top model to compete with the others who have come so far: Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2? Read more about it in today’s blog post

LG G3-LG’s newest top model

The heir of the aspirations for LG G2 was presented with the slogan “Simple is the new smart” – and that is really what is in focus when it comes to LG’s latest smartphone.
Impressive screen

LG G3 has a full-HD display

The screen is one of the most important things, LG has put focus on. LG G3 is probably the world’s first phone which has a screen with more than full HD resolution. It’s probably debatable whether people can tell the difference in pixel density without a measuring device after a certain point, but this monitor is certainly impressive. There is a very narrow frames around the screen, and it is something like LG G2 also is known for laser-controlled camera.

LG G3 has laser diode in addition to the camera lens, for a better focus

LG G3 has a laser-guided camera. This means that the top model focuses with laser, and that it does not use photo light, as most phones do. In practice, this means that the LG G3 has a better focus, particularly when it comes to pictures in poor light.

Better specifications – better user experience

LG G3 has a full-HD display

LG G3 is a top model

The phone measures 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm and weighs 149 grams. We have already written a bit about the screen and the camera, but it’s good to know that True HD-IPS screen is on 5.5 inch and have ~ 534 pixels per inch (HTC One M8 has ~ 441 and Samsung Galaxy S5 has ~ 432 pixels per inch). The main camera is at 13, while the front camera is on 2.1 megapixel.

The phone runs Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), and is available in two versions: with a memory of 16 GB and 2 GB of RAM, or with a memory of 32 GB and 3 GB RAM.

Probably comes LG G3 to Denmark at the end of June, and will cost around 2150 dollars.