Leaks of The Nexus Prime and The Delay of Its Presentation, The Invasion Android

Welcome a week more to ‘The Invasion Android’. This week the expectation surrounding the Prime Nexus It has been maximum. First were the images that have been filtered to long this week as well as their technical specifications, after the promotional video of Samsung’s face to the event in the coming week and finally: the change of the filing date, write down the new appointment in the calendar: October 27.

This week we also saw other handsets such as HTC Sensation XL, an improved version of its predecessor whose main attraction is the Beats audio system. However Android live not only powerful Terminal, that is it say but Aakash, the hindu tablet of 33 euros. By the way, don’t miss the comparison made by Álvaro Cuesta between Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S.

Applications they have also been protagonists This week. For example Microsoft has finally released an app to check email in Hotmail in Android. We also talked about games like Pixel Rain or Doodle Physics, the announcement of World of Goo and the promotion of Xperia Play and Electronic Arts to lose four games free. With the new version of fonYou we can now synchronize the calendar and our colleague Alejandro explains how to move more apps to the SD card without being root.

We see the week coming in our delivery of ‘The Invasion Android’.