Kinect and Touchstone with The Galaxy Nexus and Keyboard Qwerty Everywhere. Galaxy Xatakamovil

We review the full week of the rest of the National blogosphere This week has been very complete for not lose us one iota of what’s happening in the world of mobile telephony, analyzed news, curiosities, inventions,.

  • From We get an excellent view on what may represent HTML5 mobile apps world in which we live, it is worthwhile for those who want to see market trends for those who want to start in the exciting world of HTML5.
  • In addition also gives us a curious use of Kinect in combination with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus bridged via a PC and HDMI connection, no waste the inventiveness of its creator.
  • The fixed portability could adhere to the famous 24 hours which has been speculating in the mobile world and their aggressive offers of retention during the window of change. CMT It advises to apply from 2013 for the fixed.
  • WhatsApp for Windows Phone update with version 1.6 which adds many improvements that we are told to us in GoPonyGo, among them the Spanish support, to see if they put in brief the colorful icons as in other platforms.
  • Now that the PlayBook is the Tablet more attractive by their relationship quality price, nothing better than discovering the keyboard cover that we will offer Blackberry formally in not long, we show it in Secalienta.
  • In the AndroideLibre We have seen a small range of options external keyboards that make happier the qwerty Android fans, where increasingly more complicated see a high range with these series keyboards.
  • And we close this galaxy with a ration of bricomanía mobile version, so that our Palm/Hp Touchstone Chargers can be used with a Galaxy Nexus, we see this quick chapucilla in Androidsis.

Next week, more. Remember, as always, you can send us tracks Meanwhile for the next installment of Galaxy Engadget Mobile to our contact mail.