Jumper EZ Book Air in the Test: the Would-Be Mac Book

The jumper EZ Book air not only looks like a Mac Book Air, it grabbed the title of Apple. We have the mini notebook in the test.
At the jumper EZ Book air you must look really twice, to recognize that the laptop is not a Mac Book or a Mac Book Air. It’s thin, it of surprisingly well processed and makes even a very dashing impression. At first glance at least. At second glance, it becomes clear why the device with 11.6-inch display costs less than 250 euro. We do the test.

Jumper EZ Book Air in the Test the Would-Be Mac Book

Jumper EZ Book Air in the Test: the Technique…

Inside the EZ Book air jumper, an Intel Atom X works 5 Z8300 quad-core CPU, which is up 1.84 GHz. To get 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM and a 128 GB eMMC large hard drive. The 8,000 mAh powerful battery is responsible for the power, which loosely bought 6 to 8 hours run time jumper EZ Book air.The IPS display is 11.6 inches in size and creates a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Good: Windows 10 home (English) is installed and a USB 3.0 type C port is also on board. The measly 0.3-megapixel webcam is less great. You just enough for – bit respectable – video chats, and has problems already at slightly lower room light.
Note: The notebook battery also recharges via the USB port. For this use the supplied power adapter, however, you need an adapter for a euro plug, you just should order if you are interested.
If you look more closely, the differences to the large model Apple even more conspicuous. The edges next to the display are significantly larger when compared with the Mac Book. Also the bottom plastic spacers are nothing compared with the Mac Book. But for this you must attack also significantly less far into the bag to take the notebook home. The jumper EZBook airallows to order including shipping and already cleared at Gear best.com – a Chinese online shop, which has provided the equipment for the test us. As China import, it is important to know that the keyboard in the QWERTY layout. In contrast to the item description Windows 10 is the only one operating system installed, there is no Android.
The jumper EZ Book air is really extremely thin and extremely light. It weighs just under 1 kg and is just times 4 millimeters thick at its thinnest point. This is already a real challenge – especially to other Windows laptop manufacturer.

Jumper EZ Book Air Test:… and What Does It

Of course, the combination of Intel cherry trail CPU, 4 GB of single-channel RAM and an integrated GPU is now no power. But for a cheap notebook always enough. Surfing, Office, E-mail write? Everything no problem. These show the benchmark values. In the PC Mark, 8 home reached the EZ Book air jumper, after all, just over 1,000 points. In the GFX Bench, the laptop managed 26 FPS in the T-Rex scene and 12 FPS in the Manhattan scene. In the Geek bench 4 reached the EZ Book air at least 2,000 points and is thus almost neck and neck with systems with an Intel Core i3 4030U. Performance by the way sufficient to play 4K-Streams from YouTube smoothly in chrome. Wi-Fi-AC ensures more than sufficiently dimensioned bandwidth.
Remain on the eMMC hard drive that is actually 128 GB, 100 GB free. Windows approved the rest. The Flash memory reads with approximately 150 megabytes and writes with maximum 60 megabytes per second (each sequentially tested) – enough for typical applications. Without mechanical components remain also the access times in a good area.This ensures that Windows 10 allow pleasantly afloat operate home and typical applications.
Sorry, there is no way to increase the memory of the jumper EZ Book air easily. Simply lack connection options. The only connection? A – C – USB port – in addition to a headset output. But even the current Mac Book has the same problem regarding USB. Two connections must be actually. One to load, one for connecting additional devices. For example, for a mouse – it was the cable or the USB transmitter. Because the track pad is sluggish and supports no more finger gestures. Also scrolling is possible not directly on the pad. The finger should therefore continual and quickly tire and scream for better choices. After all, the keyboard offers nice big buttons, which pleasantly to write can be. It is good that jumper provides a matching USB type-C to type-A-adapter, which reliably builds connections to mice, external drives and co.. The type-A port could be just a little deeper and stronger thus connected devices.

Jumper EZ Book Air in the Test: the Conclusion

The jumper EZ Book air is a real bargain for around 250 euros. For so little money to really get a good performance in a noble and high-quality housing. The performance is comparable to a system with a good Intel Core i3, the display sharp dissolves and is really true in terms of colour.The battery lasts up to 8 hours and offers enough power for an entire work day. The jumper EZ Book air in any case enough especially for Office work, a few E-Mails or casual surfing. There are deductions for the no longer contemporary, low-resolution we bcam and improvement track pad.
Tip: Can the jumper EZ Book air, at the Chinese on line-shop out site order. Special feature: With the “German Express” delivery option you can order goods shipping to import, without having to take care of the customs. This done Gear best. The only downside is the latency of imports from abroad. It is for deliveries from China about two weeks.