Jabra Headset with Good Old-Fashioned Exercise-Audio (Product Tests)

TEST: Jabra exercise is a Bluetooth of the old-fashioned type, when we’re talking appearance. Even if it’s ugly, it doesn’t affect the sound negative.

Jabra produces mostly excellent Bluetooth headsets. From small discrete to large and violent. Jabra Motion UC is in the latter category.
The headset has a large boom rod that folds out when turned on or answered calls. The receiver can be plugged into the ear canal, while the rest of the comprehensive piece of hardware goes across and around the ear.

Jabra Motion UC is in my opinion not nicely, either when it is on the table, or sit on the ear. The compromise with the delicious of the design means on the other hand, other benefits for the user.

Really good sound

When the microphone on a boom pole comes closer to the mouth, it becomes easier to pick up speech, and noise from the surroundings has, consequently, more difficult to achieve, which is a clear advantage.

Jabra Motion UC adapts even listening environment you are in during the conversation, it also applies to the volume. We have to say it works well, since the sound quality must be termed as really good – which are complemented by a good built-in noise reduction.

The headset has a built-in motion sensor, which means that it turns off by itself, if it is put on the table for a long period of time. It wakes up immediately as soon as you start to take it on — and thus answers the call, when it lifted, and boom the rod is stroked out.


Takes practice

On the part of the headset that goes over the ear, can be found a touchfølsom surface passing it possible to screw up and down, just by flicking over the marked area. The idea is really good, but I don’t think it works particularly optimally.

There goes a piece of time before you get taken on installation. Quite simply, it is super awkward, to mess with – and extra red tape if it should sit well.

Comfort is uncommonly bad, at least in my ears – and it is in no way a headset one forgets to take off. But the Jabra should be commended for the extra long range, compared with similar headsets – and good battery life, which is to say up to seven hours on a charge.

Conclusion: Good pages, but poor comfort

Paringen happens quite easy since Jabra Motion UC has the NFC also has the built-in voice control, so calls can be answered with the command “answer”.

That included a pair of rubber cots for the ear, allowing the user to achieve a better fit. There is also a USB plug that allows you to use the headset with Skype or Lync on your computer.

Although Jabra Motion UC has its good sides, among other things, the sound quality, it doesn’t change the appearance and comfort. The price is around 1,250 dollars, so you should really be to large headsets if you must choose this model.

I personally think better about Jabra Supreme UC, as we’ve previously tested.

In the test period I have experienced a scratchy background noise that begins after about one and a half minute of conversation – Fortunately it disappears after a short time again.

Jabra Motion UC ends on four out of six stars.


-Good sound
-Long range, good battery life


-Periodic background noise
-Clumsy design
-Bad comfort and fit