In The Following Preview of Android N Adjustments Fast Will Work as Always

Android N It is more and more see the light and definitely know their name. To entertain the waiting and not is it make us so heavy, Google has been releasing versions for developers under the name of Developer Preview. For now we are on the fourth version, but it is certain that there will be more releases.

One of the particularities of this Preview is that when you click the notification bar icon for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, rather than be enabled or disabled as needed, opening a panel in which appeared several options to choose. This led to many of those who were using this Preview put the cry in the sky.

Both did, that protest became, as it cannot be otherwise, to the Android development team, that it wasn’t responding to the barrage of criticism saying that in a new version the speedy adjustments will work as it had done so far, i.e., by activating or deactivating with a simple touch.

However, It isn’t safe to be in the Developer Preview 5 when it is arranged, It is possible that the development team wait still a little more to solve the problem in a more reliable manner.