HTC One M9, Tuning The Metal Beast

Arrives day zero of the Mobile World Congress and with it the most important innovations. Turn for HTC, which premiered its new HTC One M9, its flagship for 2015 and with which he hopes to give once by all return to their position in the market.

The Taiwanese insist for the third time with a great design that like, a good layer of software and polishing some aspects which do not seem to have been decisive in previous versions. Let’s see what brings this new smartphone that repeats in 5 inches.

HTC One M9, polishing rough edges of a phone that like

By weird as it may seem, HTC is planted in five-inch with your new One. Mark prefers to separate the smartphone from the phablet, and not only that, but it is also planted in the resolution. The panel once again SuperLCD3 in Full HD (1920 x 1080), which gives us 441 dots per inch. That is, the (very good) resolution and technology of the M7 in the size of the M8.

HTC also repeated with the virtual keyboard on screen, keeping the black band where his name appears. Already explained it in his day: that space is not exempt from circuits and antennas, so it is not easy to remove it. We will again see those often called ‘useless’ long extra mm.

Go back BoomSound, this time from the hand of your 5.1 Audio Dolby. The front and stereo speakers are a hallmark of the brand at this point, and one of the pillars where a multimedia experience that aims to be held round.

Going to the technical section, inside we find a 810 Snapdragon, Qualcomm latest chipset, the latest 4 G connectivity. Of course, arrives with his Adreno GPU 430 and 3 GB of RAM that seem to be standard in new mobile phones, but we are already seeing the first arriving with the 4 GB.

It arrives this time with 32 GB of internal memory and also with the possibility of extending this capability with up to 128 GB microSD cards.

Goodbye UltraPixel, we see the faces

Another of the greatest stakes of HTC with your online One has to its ‘technology’ UltraPixel. That is, fewer pixels but larger giving place images more bright (and light), but also with much less definition and level of detail.

The 4 megapixel of previous editions appear to have punished too with previous editions (who came with a dynamic range too poor, everything to be said). This is why HTC says Goodbye to the UltraPixel in the back camera, where now are we a sensor 20 megapixels that promises much more detail, accompanied by a flash of double tone. It is not double this time is its camera, which will not be Duo in the M9.

Not so in the front Chamber, where HTC recovers the denomination UltraPixel. So expect a few brighter selfies that so far.

One M9 has a new photo editor much more powerful than in previous versions and allows us to edit photos more than apply filters type back. With the new editor we can overlap and combine images with quite creative results, without the need for other applications as a Afterlight.

Sense 7.0, the value layer with the right and well refined

Sense is undoubtedly one of the best Android customization layers. Customize, but very well, all aspects of Google’s mobile operating system. Performance in this layer, which tends to move as fast as pure Android is missing and we don’t expect anything else in Sense 7.0.

In the M9 becomes an application Enhanced themes, allowing us to customize sections our phone in a more agile and simple interface. It now also allows modify even the sounds and icons of our system.

BlinkFeed also stays, the panel which occupies a page on our desktop and the news in our feeds and usual social networks. This time it includes in addition restaurant recommendations based on our location, with the help of Yelp.

HTC One M9, availability and price

The HTC One M9 will arrive in their three new colors colors: black, silver and the new mix of silver and gold tones. It will do so during the month of March, and is now available for pre-sale at a price of 749 euros in Amazon Spain.

Next to the M9 One, HTC also unveiled a few interesting accessories, with surprising collaborations. Under Armour hand comes HTC Grip, a quantifier focused on athletes, while Valve hand comes HTC lives, the bet by the virtual reality of the brand.