HTC Aero: First Pictures Leaked Show Affinity with iPhone

As outlined yesterday, from first rumor about it, the new HTC Aero occurs in the first pictures leaked from the Chinese market with a design very similar to that of the iPhone. Affinity particularly evident by examining the back of the body compared to that of the iPhone 6. In the bottom of the front you can see a basic component that might correspond to a fingerprint or a physical key.

It is understood that this could be the first prototypes of the device and it is therefore advisable to wait for the dissemination of more shots before definitive judgements. The official presentation of the Terminal is expected for October. For a list of all the rumor that I have covered in the past few weeks, you can look at the following link.

UPDATE 27 August: To instill doubt that the photo portraying HTC Aero can be not authentic was today the leaker On Leaks, noting the similarities exist with Chinese smartphone on Changhong X 9 Plus, on the market for several months. The leaker suggests, to be considered as mere speculation, that the device can be the end result of a picture editing program put in place by the X 9 Plus.

Putting them next to each other the device, again it is pretty obvious the analogy (bottom right corner).

Please note that the photos shared by OnLeaks is merely the result of applying a posteriori of the image of Changhong X 9 Plus in the original photo; serves only to highlight the similarity between the two devices. Of the two the a: o the original photo is actually changes with regard to the alleged HTC Aero or both producers had the same idea/inspiration (with the not insignificant detail that Chinese smartphone has been on the market for some time, while HTC Aero was not yet submitted).