HTC Aero Could Have a Design Similar to iPhone 

Multiple sources pointed out that one of the aspects on which it will focus the efforts of taiwanese manufacturer HTC in achieving Aero, whose presentation is expected in the fall, will involve the appearance of design. LlabTooFeR, for example, said that it will be one of the thinnest HTC devices ever made. Beyond the limited information contained in two blurred rendering, however, little is known about the appearance of the smartphone. Adding new clues about it is the Chinese website that emphasizes design affinity between HTC Aero and iPhone.

A rumor, bounced on the net by UpLeaks, which can mean everything and nothing (so many Smartphones today can be defined similar to iPhone) but which, together, to previous indiscretions–like those that refer to the metal shell-begin to paint a picture a little more definite about what is safe to wait until the new smartphone from HTC. Unfortunately, for the moment, there is a lack of detailed and clear rendering on the Terminal. What you see below and published by NewsMyDriver in the margins of the rumor just reported only serves to give an idea of how it might look ‘ a smartphone HTC iPhone style ‘ but not portrays the true Aero (obvious editing, starting with intervention Phone 6).

Draw inspiration from the melafonino is not entirely negative if it is synonymous with design features, metal unibody, thick form factor, weight optimization content. It becomes so if you translate the copy product of slavish House of Cupertino. Hopefully, so that if the rumor just listed will correspond to reality, HTC has still found a way to characterize Aero, avoiding the risk of confusion with competitive products.

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