Holes in WhatsApp, Global Shippers and Google Play in Vodafone Store. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

First weekend in may: it begins to feel the spring warmth after mil April waters and we, as animals of habit that we are, we put short sleeves and we are still giving a review of the best of the national mobile blogosphere.

Do you know that using a WiFi connection and a couple of applications, you can read all your conversations whatsapp? You die to prove Google Play Store in full? Travelling much and at the same time you become crazy with 2.876 Chargers that you should use in each trip? We see that it is cooked in the Galaxy Engadget Mobile today.

  • Since the popular Instant Messenger WhatsApp application, its security flaws they have been on everyone’s lips, and they have been proven a thousand times. WhatsApp has been plugging them gradually, but not all of their holes have been closed. In”Free Android”show us as with the use of a desktop with Whatsapp Xtract, or Android with WhatsApp Sniffer and a WiFi network, you can read all the conversations that same network WhatsApp.
  • From the conversion of Android Market in Google Play Store, American users can enjoy plenty of extra, in addition to application downloading services, such as books, music and movies download. In Europe seems to be that Vodafone will be responsible for bringing that service and to invoice monthly. In GoPonyGo We explain it carefully.
  • A most attractive, rejected features and, ultimately, controversial, whatsapp is its famous “double check” or “double tip” that warns us of the reception of the message sender terminal. Facebook imitates the wake of WhatsApp and now includes it in its new update of Facebook Messenger. Our colleagues from Quiviger We explain.
  • Are you really tired of having to rely on 90 different Chargers to travel with your gadgets? And more if you travel often? The Skross company thinks of you like no one else, and puts at your disposal its ‘World USB Charger’. In movilToday they have made a complete analysis of the magazine in question so you know first hand as it is.
  • ¿Eres professional photographer or amateur? Do you need to have all the elements of a session completely under control with a serious and professional application in your usual mobile device? In SmartBlog they present us with a series of articles that will delight photographers more demanding with every detail of the environment to capture.
  • Us not leave SmartBlog to recommend another really interesting application if you live the next Euro as no one and, in addition, to use the system BlackBerry OS. With the free app ‘Euro Cup’, you can be aware of all parties and classifications of this important continental event. To win the best!

We’re going with the music elsewhere. You know that you can send us clues for the next installment of Galaxy Engadget Mobile to our contact mail.