Hisense King Kong 4G, Detailed Information about The New Hisense Android

The Chinese manufacturer Hisense also will miss the feast of the Mobile World Congress 2015, and it is that more minority firms have much to say this year, especially among more economical cutting devices.

The main commitment of Hisense to our markets comes with curious and nomenclature, and although to the Hisense King Kong 4G We know live and live during the fair, you can already anticipate all your data.

If this is what they were intended, we have to say that in Hisense not used the name of King Kong in vain, as far from an advertising gimmick, the Chinese signature describes its new smartphone as a “tough and prepared for all beast”.

Technical specifications

Let’s talk first about objective data, because the Hisense King Kong 4 G incorporates a quite attractive hardware platform for the most economical range of this year 2015.

First of all, your screen is made with IPS technology and offers 5 inches with HD resolution 720 p. To give life to this panel, has been mounted a chipset of unknown origin with four core processor at 1.2 GHz.

The RAM has not been announced yet, but if the internal storage, reaching the 8 GB, as well as their 8 and 2 megapixel cameras respectively the rear and frontal.

If this wasn’t enough, Hisense includes King Kong 4G Dolby technology to improve sound the device, which also has full connectivity up to LTE and 3,000 mAh battery.

Improving the strength and security

The Chinese manufacturer wanted to also offer something differential for a range of fairly saturated market, so the Hisense King Kong features a chassis resistant to bumps and drops, as well as liquids and dust.

All without penalizing a sleek design but no doubt seeking to underline the robustness of the terminal, with metal frames and rivets in sight, accompanying a look similar to the the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rear.

Finally, Hisense also joined its customization of Android a protection software suite, including antivirus and specific applications to improve the privacy of its users.

Hisense King Kong 4G, availability and prices

The new King Kong 4G of Hisense will be officially presented during the Mobile World Congress, and will soon reach the market 4.4 Android KitKat.

For the time being We know the specific dates and price the device, data that we will offer as soon as Hisense extend information.