Google Chrome Debuted, Another Portion of Mobile to Heat The MWC, The Invasion Android

It shows that the MWC is around the corner, phones are still poking out the leg in the form of leaks. This week we have known the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, Acer CloudMobile, and we have seen the HTC Ville. In the middle range, we have seen how Motorola bet strong with the Motoluxe, a very interesting terminal that will be released possibly in the fair of Barcelona.

In addition to mobile we have also seen applications. Google Chrome has debuted in beta form for Ice Cream Sandwich and from Xataka Android we bring you an in-depth analysis. We have also spoken biit and its implementation and we have begun a special Android in the cloud: a compilation of applications for storing and Sync your files online between different devices. For lovers of the emulation this week we talked about CPSEmu to revive the classic Capcom arcade.

If you have a mobile HTC I will like to know that the Taiwanese company has confirmed its calendar of updates to Ice Cream Sandwich. On the other hand, Samsung users will have to wait less. It is rumored that this version will come to the Galaxy SII and the Note at the beginning of March. Speaking of the Korean company, don’t miss this opinion of our colleague Alkar article talking about the strategy of marketing of Samsung.

This week the curious note puts it the Nokia N9 and an Ice Cream Sandwich port for this device. The downside puts Google and its Google Wallet safety ruling. If you like green Android-related gadgets do not miss Andru, it is amazing. Finally say that this week, more specifically the last day 9, Xataka Android marked a year. Many thanks to all those who read us!

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.