Google Calls for Oracle Payment of Four Million Dollars for Legal Fees

A Oracle can leave you even more expensive having suing Android for alleged infringements of patents and copyright, which finally not breached, since Google has demanded payment of $ 4 million to Oracle legal expenses arising through the legal process.

Judge William Alsup already ordered Oracle to pay part of the legal fees but now Google requires greater financial compensation to cover all the expenses caused by their demands, since they had to spend lots of money and time to present his defence.

Google It is reported that 2.9 million dollars to organize and copy 97 million documents, transcription services 143.341 dollars and 986.978 dollars in expenses of the experts who attended the trial to testify have spent.

The judge will have to decide in the coming days if Oracle must pay to Google those 4 million dollars or if on the contrary it should be less money. Confirmed payment millionaire esto can cause companies to stop demand so freely.