Google + 4.2 for Android, Now with New Automatic Effects, Better Search Engine for Images and More

In the event of this afternoon on Google + next new Hangouts capabilities also announcing new features for the official implementation of the partner network. Google + Android has already begun to upgrade to the version 4.2 to add new products in the photographic aspect of the application.

Google + 4.2 for Android improves your image searcher. It now recognizes more than a thousand objects and different concepts, such as sunsets snowmen, so that we can more easily find the images that we have guards in Google’s social network.

Automatic boost function now allows you to select the degree of implementation of these improvements and decide if applied to full album. Through the application Snapseed, that also has been updated today, add a new filter HDR SCAPE and the new slider shadows to illuminate dark areas in a natural way.

This new version of Google+ brings us new effects in the function Auto Awesome. The new automatic effects are: action, draft and film.

In effect action creates a photograph with strobing from several photographs taken from the camera of your device. This option is perfect for action scenes and sporting events.

The effective draft, several photos of the same scene, automatically removes all those elements that have crossed in the scene, perfect for photos in crowded places.

Feature film allows us a film from our photos and videos, add effects, transitions and soundtracks of automatically. If we don’t like the Edit we can personalize it with a small editor.