Goodbye to The Phone and Convergence Based on Ubuntu: Canonical Throws The Towel and Returns to GNOME

Already more than six years have passed since Mark Shuttleworth spoke for the first time bring Ubuntu to telephones, televisions, cars or refrigerators. Convergence was the purpose of Canonical, and for some time the dream was alive with projects as the triumphant failure called Ubuntu Edge.

That dream, however, has been truncated today. The creator of Canonical and Ubuntu has announced that from now on they turn to make that Ubuntu manages to succeed in the cloud and the internet of things, abandoning the project of conquering converged mobile devices. The desktop environment Unity8 that would be Center of that experience also dies, and Ubuntu will return later to the popular GNOME.

Canonical Strip towel with convergence

Será in Ubuntu LTS 18.04 When we see the return of the GNOME desktop environment which is probably the best known around the world, but with that step Linux distribution also say goodbye to a project that was as ambitious as complex. Not in vain or the same Microsoft, with a similar concept with 10 Windows, it has achieved the idea cuajara (at least for the time being) in mobile. As we saw in our analysis of the platform for years, there was much to do both then and now:

For Mark Shuttleworth it was possible to develop a converged platform with free Software both for end users and for the company, but eventually had to acknowledge that not is has been able to reach that goal. “In the community [of users] our efforts” they have been as fragmentation, not as innovation. “And the industry has not joined that possibility, taking instead a” best bad thing known “for those product formats”, stated in that sad surrender this entrepreneur.

For Ubuntu now starts a new stage in which the focus It will be completely in the cloud and in the internet of things. Growth of Ubuntu servers or infrastructure to the cloud is evident, and that’s where is the business, something that recognized the own Shuttleworth:

Personally this has been a very difficult decision, by my strong belief in the future of convergence, and my personal relationship with the product and the people, being both incredible. We feel like a family, but this election is profiled by commercial constraints, and that makes it difficult to reconcile this belief and the relationship with the product.

It will be interesting to see How evolves Ubuntu now that back to make use of the desktop environment that chose to abandon a few years – there is a version for Ubuntu GNOME-based though it has not been the main in all this time, but surely we will have all the strengths of this distribution refocused those new objectives.

What a shame, gentlemen readers. What a shame.