Gmail Now Accepts Giant Markers

The best service email in the world – Gmail, of course – provides the markers (labels) to make our lives easier. But those who think that the size of the labels is not regulated is mistaken: they were of no more than 40 characters. It could be a torment for those who use Gmail in MS Outlook, but no more. From now on, Gmail labels can be well bigger!

This limit of 40 characters was slightly enlarged (quintupled, actually). As a result, Gmail labels can contain up to 225 characters of pure waste when naming new issues. This feature is even more valid when the Nested Labels are activated, which allows you to create topics and subtopics to the bookmarks list in Gmail.

I auditioned. I checked the Wikipedia to check what are the greatest words of Portuguese. None of the “valid” words comes close to 225 characters, so I appealed to the greatest fictional word of our language: (name of a dish, oddly enough). See how this marker is displayed in Gmail.

As the word is too big, Gmail deleting certain passages to make it fit in your interface. Hovering the mouse cursor over the name, however, reveals its integrity.

For now, the new character limit in Gmail labels does not work in Google Apps Mail. It is to be expected, of course, it is agreed in the coming days.