Gmail for Android Starts to Show Ads

Last week discovered that the new version of Gmail for Android I was prepared to show ads soon. As well, these ads appear to have already begun to appear to some users.

Several users of the Netherlands have been advised that they have already begun to receive ads in Gmail 4.6 for Android, so it is question time so that we will see this new advertising in our Inbox.

The ads will appear in your Inbox as if it were an email. They are the new ads that for months we see from the web version of Gmail. But do not worry, this advertising that pretends to be a single email appear in the tray for promotions. This advertising will not be in the main tray or in the rest of trays or in the folders created.

These ads, as in the web version, a distinction is made a normal promotional e-mail in his beige background color and because it will display a notice to inform us that it’s a commercial. If an ad like us we can highlight this ad to save it.

The new ads are not really very intrusive, to see them have to go to the promotions Inbox destined to receive emails from advertising of shops to which we are registered. Now the difference is that next to our favorite stores ads we will see other shops advertising adjusting to our interests.