Games of Popularity on Facebook Falls After Ban Notifications

Just over two months Facebook decided it would no longer be allowed notifications to users caused by applications. This brought as a benefit to those who use the social network to eliminate all spam that was born that way. But for games and applications in general, prohibiting the sending of unsolicited messages ended up having a negative effect.

The result is seen in the numbers: 18 of the applications that make up the top 25Facebook lost users in the last month, and 12 of those lost at least 1 million users. The popular game Farmville has lost more than 4.4 million users, bringing the total number of players to less than 83 million users – which is still double the next list application, Birthday Cards. Anyway, lose a few million users is not looked upon with happiness by any company, no matter how successful it may be.

This, of course, is only one side of the coin, which corresponds to application developers for Facebook. On the other hand, users are probably much happier without receiving dozens of daily spam Farmville and company. Well, at least I am. And you?