Galaxy Nexus Vs Galaxy SII, Google Puts a Bit of Control in The Market, The Invasion Android

This week has been very intense in Xataka Android. Damian has brought us a comparison between the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy SII. HTC will bring a white version of the Sensation and with Ice Cream Sandwich of factory. Samsung has confirmed the rumors that we saw a few days ago: the Galaxy SIII will not occur at the next MWC.

The protagonists of this week have no doubt been applications. We talked about last time, to learn of the news at the time. Firefox is updated to version 10 in the Android Market. Dropbox releases a new beta of their client and allows you to upload photos automatically. If you are more than Box, I teach how to get 50 GB for free with a little trick. For lovers of the ROMs: MIUI is now open source.

If on the other hand you like games this week we have something for everyone. We are talking about The Humble Bundle: pay for what you want and get up to four games. If you like driving try Reckless Racing 2, on the other hand if you will over kill zombies I recommend Zombie Wonderland 2. Rovio seemed Angry Birds Rio had abandoned but this week has left us a new update.

Speaking of games, Gameloft has presented this week their results, demonstrating that piracy harms them both. Google meanwhile has batteries and has begun to protect the Market from malicious applications. Crittercism shows us in a study of IOS apps to fail more than Android and Localytics shows us that Android is not as fragmented as we thought, although data collide with the officers. Finally, a fact that we all knew: Android users are made a few flirts.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.