Firefox 4 Can Suffer Further Delay with Two New Betas Before the Final

Despite the rush to launch the already delayed Firefox 4 for interwebs tubes, the Mozilla refuses to do so while the browser does not pass the minimum requirements of the company’s quality. One of these requirements is simple, at least in theory: repair called ‘hardblockers‘, which are more serious bugs that still prevent (hence the name) the browser is launched. But the proportion of discovery of new blockers and the resolution of the former is not yet satisfactory.
When the platform engineering director, Damon Sicorre, tried to give a gas to the browser developers, they decided over a hundred hardblockers. But with the release of Firefox 4 Beta 9 more bugs of this type were found, which eventually motivating the creation and release of Beta 10 last week.

And this week one post on the staff of Christian Legnitto blog, Mozilla software release manager, assured: at least two other betas (beta 11 and beta 12) are in the company’s plans and should be released for testing before the final release appear. Legnitto not give exact dates, but with the construction of new betas for the browser, the Mozlla runs the risk of exceeding the deadline set by Sicorre the end of February.

You can help Mozilla to solve bugs: just download and test the latest beta of Firefox 4this link and whenever the browser crashes, sending feedback to the company.