Essential Orange, a Mobile Phone for Seniors That Is Sold in Pharmacies

Not everything would be screen smartphones superamoled and gigahertzios by a tube. Orange has just put on sale the Essential Orange, a mobile phone with features simple, but specifically designed for very elderly.

The Essential Orange It has been developed by ZTE, and its performance is terribly Basic, but very appropriate for those seniors who have problems to adapt to new technologies. Apart from voice calls, mobile integrates append SMS, FM Radio, flashlight and a slider on the back which activates an alarm in case of emergency.

This alarm performs several functions, the first being to send a predefined message to numbers designated by the user, usually friends or relatives. In addition, you can dial the emergency 112 phone or activate a beep. We understand that this will not do everything at once, or the person who uses it hardly be able to tell what happens to emergency with the noise of an alarm beeps in the ear.

The terminal is subject to a number of prepaid with 12 euros initial balance. The user can choose between any of the plans prepaid company and recharge it from five euros by the usual channels. The price of the sales package is of 39 euros. Essential Orange will only be distributed in pharmacies.