CyanogenMod 7, Presented The Final Version of The Custom ROM to Install Android Gingerbread 2.3.3

As already announced from CyanogenMod, the RC4 would be the last version before the final version and today has been released and made available to all the users need to install Android Gigerbread 2.3.3 customized. There are mobile that they have been left off the list, as the name HTC Dream/G1, and others that have appeared on the scene as the tablet Nook or gTablet.

There are extras version 6 which have not been included in the 7, but that will be included in the next version. From CyanogenMod recommended make a backup prior to installation and then a Wipe to erase all traces of the previous version, either the 6 or 7 RC4 and later use ROM Manager. Of all forms in your Wiki you can find details of how to proceed.

For those interested, I recommend to wait a few days because I’m reading problems with people who already has been updated. As discussed does not have why spend anything but the Council is waiting for because we can thus read more cases of problems and resolution. But also you can resort to their forums to ask your questions. If you decide to install it let us in the comments your impressions.