Controversial Grants, Daily Expenses and Planning for Easter. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Comes a new period from week to week, and with it, our collection of interesting links header appeared by the Spanish mobile blogosphere, so don’t miss no one.

How to control your day to day spending using your iPhone, the new situation of mobile operators by grants, how to plan you this Easter, and other reviews of interest are those that you have prepared in our Galaxy Engadget Mobile today.

  • But still we can not prove it in our language, we assume that you all know very well the Siri system Apple (for not knowing it). But, do you know where does the name “Siri” really? In Moviltoday they discover the meaning of this word and the reason for its end use.
  • You are holder of a? HTC Sensation from the Vodafone operator? You may want to know that the operator has begun to update these terminals nothing less than to version Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, in we have it.
  • As you all know, the Spanish operators are starting to leave behind “the counteroffer” practice and are beginning to subsidize terminals, Opportunity or a clear step backwards? Our colleagues from “In Orange”, the blog of ING Direct, analyze us this situation.
  • Without leaving us blog “In Orange”, know the movement of empowerment of rates of low cost international calls that it is promoting the European Union, the dreaded ‘roaming’ is getting closer to be a concept of the past.
  • Does your life live mired in economic turmoil? Or, conversely, are you one of those people that needs to constantly know how much money has spent and entered each day? Don’t worry, in Omicrono they have developed a comprehensive list of applications for control expenses IOS that will help us whatever our particular case.
  • You are of those who live the? Holy week in a city it concrete? Or are you more than escape the clutter of your city at these parties? You know that thanks to your smartphone organizing the week that is to come is easier than ever. On Smartblog propose a list of applications that, combined, will be your partner for organize and enjoy in the best possible way these holidays.

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