“Community There Is a Very Active Developer in Spain But Very Few Events” Interview with The Organizers of The Contest, Spain 2012

Lack only a week to get it started the first edition of the Contest in Spain. It is certainly a unique opportunity to attend one of the events most important of landscape development on Android we can find today in our country. As we already told you, Xataka Android will be in Droidcon Spain to tell you all what is there talk. We have had the opportunity to talk to organizers of the event to tell us first-hand more of what we’ll see in the event and what they have been preparing in these months of effort. Many thanks to Rafael Eduardo Wefers, responsible of Droiders (organizers) for answering all of our questions that you can read below.

There is a very active community of developers in Spain but very few events, most of rather small and none of the prestige of the contest.

Can you explain what will be the DroidCon Spain?

Contest is the International Conference dealing with the technical and economic aspects of the Android platform for mobile devices. It’s learn the latest on Android, a stage where talk about applications, solutions, or simply discuss this operating system.

It is an opportunity for fans of the operating system, users, freelancers, companies and students of computer science learn more about the ecosystem, interact with people who are already programming for Android and learn about developments in the sector.

There are interesting papers on how to make a good development, above designed and monetization of Apps and as well planned development. As the contest will bring together many developers across Spain also is a good opportunity for networking, find work and face to the companies can find new talent.

How did the idea of bringing Spain franchise contest, an event only dedicated to Android

There is a very active community of developers in Spain but very few events, most of rather small and none of the prestige of the contest.
Being DROIDERS a company dedicated to the development of Apps we have identified the need for a contest in Spain and so did.

Why should we attend an event as a contest if we are developers?

Depends on the needs you have: If you’re a Freelance it is good idea to go since you have an excellent opportunity to learn as monetize your apps, how to design apps so that they are attractive and offer the best experience to the user. There are interesting papers on latest technologies such as augmented reality. In summary: The contest is a great opportunity to learn about technology, share experiences, find work and networking.

What is the format of the talks with the hackthlon?

The talks have a duration of 45 minutes including questions. In some talks technology demonstrations will be made as for example in the de Pedro Vicente Gómez who will speak about augmented reality in tablets and mobile.

The hackathon having place in the CEEIM December 6 from 8:00 o’clock will form teams of up to 4 developers who have until 18:00 in the afternoon to get the challenges that will be presented in the morning. As organizers of the hackathon we take care that it is missing either pizza or Coca Cola to stimulate the creativity of the participants.

What expectations do you have for this first edition? How many attendees do you have planned?

There are more than 20 speakers and we plan more than 300 attendees, sponsors include companies such as Sony and Alcatel. In what refers to the speakers and attendees if we meet our expectations, we would have liked to be able to count on the support of Samsung, HTC and some more manufacturer but as they are large enterprises take long to decide to sponsoring and many times need to close this type of commitments at the beginning of the year. We hope that in the second edition there will be more sponsors, more speakers and more attendees. It is the first edition of the contest in Spain and although all our wishes are not fulfilled already is a success have brought this event to Spain.

How was the process of organization of contest? What support you have received? Since when can bear preparing this first edition?

The process of organizing has been a little chaotic since we have never organised an event of this magnitude and impact. The good thing is that they have supported us from the University of Murcia (UMU) provide facilities and services and we have had the support of the CEEIM which has provided us with contacts, information and help. It is important to get information about an event of this kind and we have been able to tell with some of the best professionals in the sector: BeeSocialMedia who maintain accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google + as well as take care of inform Android of the event-related blogs a day.

Finally is to highlight the support of the sponsors that has not been limited to be an economic support – we have helped in the dissemination of the event, we have advised and most importantly: the sponsors planned us with some strong speakers will give talks both interesting and entertaining.

Plans for the future of Droidcon Spain?

The Spain 2012 contest is only a beginning, let us say that it is the first public beta and we hope that equal that it became the first contest in Berlin, the event will become an institution which satisfies to the Android world each year.