#Bendgate: How Serious Is It, And What Mobiles Buoys?

More recently, there has been much talk about the big version of the latest iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus, can bend. We have already written about it and another iPhone 6 Plus problem but today we write about other models – it is easy to bend them?

iPhone 6 Plus vs. other mobiles: bending

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy inflected iPhone 6 Plus in one of the first bendgate-videos. Here’s how it went with various top models, as he tried to bend them in the same way.

iPhone and iPhone 6 5S – much stronger than big brother

It looks as though the “Bendgate problem” does not apply to iPhone 6 – it can withstand much more than the iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, there is no risk of it can be bent! When it comes to iPhone 5S, then this cell the strongest of all the iPhone models, as Lewis has tested.

HTC One M8 – Screen loosens

The stylish mobile from HTC looks like iPhone 6 when it comes to appearance and material, but when Lewis tried to bend it, it went much better than with the iPhone 6 Plus: screen loosened up a bit, but there were no injuries. And it looks as if the screen goes back, when one stops to bend your phone.

The new Motorola Moto X – Bends are not

Lewis tried and tried, but the strong top model from Motorola was not bent. The new Moto X is really sturdy and strong!

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Screen loosens up a little

After all, you had to test a mobile from Nokia, so it was the Lumia 1020 – screen loosened up a bit, but there were no injuries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – A strong phablet

As it was unfair not to test an phablet, Lewis tried to bend the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung’s strong phablet survived the bend without problems.