Be Orange: Discounts, Special Promotions and Gifts How to Response to Merger?

Today has been presented Be orange, a site where the operator has centralized all its programme of ADSL customers loyalty that were already known their advantages although it now receives a boost to welcome yacom customers and be more attractive at a time in which Movistar Fusion it is changing everything.

Orange does not usually characterized by respond with offers similar to its competitors and generally try to be more original but perhaps, on this occasion it has been obliged to not to do so for the time being if you offer MoviStar It is not as replicable as secure at least for indirect access users.

Integrate everything into a single quota and Bill is still cheaper than unify various services in a headline with combines and saves of Orange that is the similar alternative that already existed so it Be orange aims to strengthen its proposal by offering Free ADSL for bringing friends among other advantages that will vary depending on the time that take as a client in Orange:

  • With Invites and save you will get a discount of 50 euros on Bill of ADSL for every friend that becomes Orange ADSL from maximum speed the first free fee in addition to other promotions will get (up to a maximum of 5 friends or 250 euros) and your friend at the time of recruitment.
  • Exclusive offers as the International bonus of 1000 minutes 6 euros per month
  • Orange points generated by the Orange line to be able to redeem them together for a new phone, a modem or a tablet.
  • Special draws as a trip to Tunisia or a Playstation Vita. In addition, customers can win prizes such as free tickets to cultural, musical and sports shows or any of the 2,000 discounts of 3 euros in share of ADSL that the brand be drawn each month among its users.

It is clear that if you bring your friends, Orange will continue proving more profitable at least during the first year but if the simplicity and clarity are each time more demanded?is Orange hitting with your proposal?