Bahamas Defense and Foreign Policy

Bahamas Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense

Bahamas is a nation in North America. Its capital city is Nassau. In recent years, the previously good relations with the United States have been strained by the US’s tougher stance on Bahamas strict banking secrecy and on drug smuggling through the country.

Bahamas Defense and Foreign Policy

The United States has for several years with the Bahamas on a list of 60-70 countries and territories where money laundering is a problem. Despite the fact that the country has enacted laws and regulations to prevent illegal transactions, the United States does not think enough is being done to prevent economic crime. However, the Bahamas meets the US requirement that assets held by US citizens abroad are reported to US authorities.

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The Bahamas also ended up on the EU’s first list of tax havens, which was published in 2015. However, two years ago the EU presented a list of “non-cooperative” tax havens, the country escaped.

The US Coast Guard is working with the Bahamas defense force to deal with drug trafficking. The United States has also provided funding for law enforcement.

The biggest problem in relations with neighboring Haiti and Cuba is the illegal immigration from these countries to the Bahamas.

In the fall of 2011, the Bahamas signed an agreement with Cuba on the border crossing at sea, after many years of negotiations. This opened the opportunity to look for oil in the area. A similar agreement with the US is under discussion.

Relations with China have been strengthened in recent years. In 2009, the two countries signed an agricultural agreement, which means that the Caribbean will receive technical support from China. The Bahamas has also received Chinese loans to build a road and a national stadium. In addition, China is building the major tourist resort Baha Mar (see Current policy).

The Bahamas is a member of the Caribbean community, the Caricom (Caribbean community), a regional cooperation organization that from the beginning mainly gathered Commonwealth countries, but which also includes Haiti and Surinam.


Army: 1,300 men (2017)