Android Nougat Will Receive Maintenance Updates for The Next Trimeses

Today Google has surprised us by releasing the final version of 7.0 Android Nougat along with all its novelties, the most important update of our favorite operating system for mobile devices is already among us, but it will not be the only version that can be found in the remainder of the year.

7.0 Android Nougat starts a new regular maintenance schedule that starting from the next several quarters we’ll see how come new versions with improvements and new features that will come to perfect this large version.

Google has already announced that this autumn will the first version of maintenance of Android Nougat It will be available for download through the Android Beta with which previous versions of Android N. have been released At the moment they have confirmed that in this next update they will correct reported still open bugs that were detected in previous versions.

In this way, the Nexus will receive each month a security update to improve the security of your devices, and it seems that each quarter an update of maintenance with bug fixes, optimizations, and other improvements.