Addison County, Vermont

Addison County, Vermont

According to countryaah, Addison County is located in the northwestern portion of Vermont, bordering the states of New York and New Hampshire. It is bordered by Chittenden County to the east, Franklin County to the south, and Rutland County to the west. To the north lies Grand Isle County in Lake Champlain. The county encompasses an area of 808 square miles and contains 18 towns and five unincorporated areas. The county seat is Middlebury, a vibrant college town which serves as a hub for many activities throughout the region.

The county has a diverse landscape ranging from low-lying valleys to rolling hills and mountains, with some of its higher peaks being located in the Green Mountains National Forest. The highest peak in Addison County is Mount Abraham at 4,006 feet above sea level. The county has numerous rivers including Otter Creek and Winooski River which are popular for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. There are several notable lakes throughout Addison County including Lake Champlain, Lake Dunmore, Otter Creek Reservoir and Silver Lake. All offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating or simply just taking in the beauty of nature that surrounds them.

Demographics of Addison County, Vermont

Addison County is home to a diverse population of over 37,000 people. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the racial and ethnic makeup of the county is 91.1% White, 2.4% Black or African American, 1.9% Asian, 0.5% Native American or Alaska Native, 0.2% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 4% from two or more races. The median household income in Addison County is $53,814 which is slightly lower than the state median of $57,944. The poverty rate in Addison County is 11%, which is slightly higher than the state average of 10%.

The largest employers in Addison County are Middlebury College (1,200 employees), Porter Medical Center (800 employees) and Vermont Gas Systems (700 employees). Other major employers include National Life Group (400 employees), UVM Health Network-Porter Medical Center (300 employees) and Middlebury Union High School District (250 employees). Education levels vary across the county with 97% high school graduates and 23% having a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Addison County also has an aging population with 19% of residents aged 65 and over compared to 14% statewide and 13% nationally according to 2019 estimates from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates data set. In terms of gender there are slightly more women than men living in Addison County with 50.6 % female compared to 49.4 % male according to 2020 estimates from the US Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program data set.

Addison County is a wonderful place to live with plenty to do and see. From the beautiful mountains and lakes, to the diverse demographic makeup and local businesses, Addison County has it all.

Places of Interest in Addison County, Vermont

Addison County is home to a number of places of interest, both natural and cultural. The county is home to six state parks including Branbury State Park, Button Bay State Park, Kingsland Bay State Park, Mount Philo State Park, Silver Lake State Park and Waterfront Park. All of these parks offer plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, swimming and fishing.

The most popular natural attraction in Addison County is Lake Champlain. This 125-mile long lake borders Vermont, New York and Quebec and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating or simply just taking in the beauty of nature that surrounds it. Other lakes in the area include Lake Dunmore, Otter Creek Reservoir and Silver Lake.

In addition to its natural attractions Addison County also boasts a number of cultural attractions. The Middlebury College Museum of Art features a variety of permanent and rotating exhibits from both local and international artists. The Town Hall Theater in Middlebury offers a variety of live performances throughout the year including plays, concerts and comedy shows. The Henry Sheldon Museum also provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Addison County through its collections which range from colonial furniture to contemporary artworks.

The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail in Ripton pays tribute to the famed poet who once lived nearby with informative signs along the path that discuss his life and work as well as his connection with Vermont’s landscapes. Last but not least is the Brandon Music Festival which takes place every summer at Neshobe River Winery featuring music from local artists as well as nationally recognized acts such as Tony Bennett and John Prine.

Addison County has something for everyone whether it’s exploring nature or experiencing its rich culture through art galleries or live performances – there’s something here for everyone!

Communities in Addison County, Vermont

Addison County is a beautiful area of Vermont, located in the western part of the state and bordered by Lake Champlain to the west. The county is home to a variety of small communities, each with its own unique charm and character. From the vibrant college town of Middlebury to the picturesque village of Weybridge, Addison County has something to offer everyone.

Middlebury is home to Middlebury College and serves as the cultural center for Addison County. With its mix of historic architecture, vibrant downtown area, and abundance of shops and restaurants, it’s easy to see why this town has become so popular with visitors. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or browse through some local art galleries, Middlebury is sure to have something for everyone.

The small village of Weybridge lies just south of Middlebury and offers visitors a more rural experience. Here you can find miles of scenic country roads perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle. The area also features several wineries where you can sample locally made wines as well as enjoy panoramic views from atop nearby hillsides.

Located just north of Middlebury is Bristol Village which serves as the main commercial hub for Addison County residents. The downtown area features an array of stores ranging from antique shops to boutiques offering unique clothing and accessories from all around the world. Just outside town lies Rocky Dale Park which offers great opportunities for fishing, hiking or simply enjoying nature in its purest form.

Vergennes is another charming community located along Otter Creek in Addison County. This picturesque village boasts several historic buildings including an old grist mill that dates back over 200 years ago! Vergennes also hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as their annual Harvest Festival which draws thousands every October with its festive atmosphere and delicious food offerings from local vendors.

No matter where one chooses to visit in Addison County they are sure to find something that appeals to them – be it natural beauty or cultural attractions! From bustling cities like Middlebury to peaceful villages like Weybridge, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation or adventure – whatever your heart desires!

Notable People of Addison County, Vermont

Addison County, Vermont has been home to many notable people throughout the years. This rural corner of the state is known for its strong sense of community and appreciation of the outdoors, which has attracted many people who have gone on to make a name for themselves.

One of the most famous figures from Addison County is Dr. Tom Catena, a physician who has been providing medical care to those in need in Sudan since 2008. He is the only surgeon within hundreds of miles, and he works tirelessly to provide aid and comfort to those suffering from war and poverty. His work has earned him recognition from the United Nations, as well as an honorary degree from Middlebury College.

Another notable figure from Addison County is actor John Malkovich, who was born in nearby Christopher Creek in 1953. He has had a long career in film and television and won an Academy Award nomination for his role in “In The Line Of Fire” (1993). Malkovich also starred as himself in the film adaptation of “Being John Malkovich” (1999), which was filmed partly in Middlebury.

The poet Robert Frost was born just over the border in San Francisco but spent much of his childhood living with relatives near Bristol Village. He wrote many poems inspired by his time living there including “Birches” and “The Road Not Taken” which were both published while he was living there.

Two-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco grew up near Middlebury where she began writing songs at age nine before attending college at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where she eventually launched her musical career full time. She continues to tour regularly across North America and Europe with her band The Ani Difranco Band performing her unique blend of folk music incorporating elements of jazz, funk and hip hop along with her signature guitar riffs.

Addison County has also been home to several prominent politicians such as Senator Patrick Leahy who served as Vermont’s longest-serving U.S Senator from 1975 until 2021; Jim Douglas who served two terms as governor; Peter Welch who currently serves as Vermont’s congressman; former governor Howard Dean; and former Congressman Bernie Sanders who ran for president twice before becoming a US senator again in 2021.

Finally, Addison County is known for its vibrant artistic community with numerous writers, painters, sculptors and photographers calling this area home including Jodi Picoult author of bestsellers such as My Sister’s Keeper (2004) and Change Of Heart (2008); painter Andrew Wyeth whose works are featured at both The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York City And The Amon Carter Museum In Fort Worth Texas; sculptor Peter Rockwell whose works can be found at The Smithsonian American Art Museum In Washington D C And The Museum Of Modern Art In New York City; And photographer William Wegman whose photographs have appeared on publications such As Vanity Fair And Time Magazine As Well As On Television Shows Such As Saturday Night Live And Sesame Street.

All these notable figures have helped shape Addison County into what it is today – a vibrant rural community filled with creative minds that continue to inspire each other through their work!

Bordering States of Vermont

According to abbreviationfinder, Vermont borders New York to the west and is known for its picturesque landscape of rolling hills, lush forests, and crystal-clear lakes. Its capital, Montpelier, is a charming city with historic buildings and streets lined with cafes and boutiques. The state is also home to several national sites including Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and the Appalachian Trail. Vermont’s outdoor activities are plentiful and include skiing at Stowe Mountain Resort or hiking in the Green Mountains National Forest. Other popular attractions include Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour in Waterbury or a visit to Quechee Gorge State Park. The state also has some great urban areas such as Burlington which offers a variety of entertainment options from music venues to breweries. Other major cities in Vermont include Rutland, Brattleboro, Middlebury, and Windsor.

Addison County, Vermont