4.3 SwiftKey Beta for Android Unifies Its Versions for Mobile and Tablets with New Options

SwiftKey It has today launched the Beta of the next version of its popular keyboard for Android to present us with a very important novelty. SwiftKey 4.3 Finally unifies the versions for Mobile and tablets in the same version. But this is not the only novelty.

4.3 SwiftKey Beta now offers both mobile and tablets various designs of keypads. We can show a full keyboard that is displayed across the width of the screen, a keyboard split in two to display each half to an end or a compact keyboard smaller.

But in addition to these three designs can unpin it from its fixed position to put it where you want and change its size to thus conform more to our tastes and device screen. Nor will miss the themes to customize the appearance of the keyboard.

SwiftKey officially updated their applications of Google Play to this new version in the coming weeks as list have the stable version. Its beta version can be downloaded from their website.

This new version that unifies the versions for mobile phones and tablets looks like that it will come in time to change that will make Google Play on how to display the lists of downloads of applications in tablets. Currently SwiftKey is currently the best-selling implementation of Google Play but if we show only those designed for tablets goes to number 53, showing in first position your competition, Swype.