10,000 Million Apps Downloaded, and Applications to Ten Cents, The Invasion Android

This week It has been intense in the Android world. We opened the week talking about the 10,000 million downloads on the Android Market. To celebrate this, Google has started a promotion where every day has put ten applications to ten cents at our disposal. At the moment, with this Saturday, going five and supply has been a complete success.

If you are looking for give an Android at this time take a look at our special gifts Android. If you are instead interested in the Galaxy Nexus soon we will publish in Xataka Android a complete analysis of the standard bearer of Ice Cream Sandwich. Speaking of terminals, have already leaked images where one sees perfectly the Sony Ericsson Nozomi and looks good.

How applications this week Facebook and Twitter updated their official customers with a good face wash. We also talked about Path, one of social networks more sounds right now and Google Currents, an application that the Mountain View company aims to make the competition a Flipboard. If you are looking for entertaining games take a look at Zoo Keeper DX and not lose sight of Onlive, although at the moment it does not reach Spain.

If you are starting to develop and do not know very well How to sell your application our colleague Txema Rodríguez brings us a review of the book Marketing by Android applications. Have you ever wondered why iOS applications are more fluid than the Android? Yago explains in a very interesting reading. Finally, we leave you with our image of the week: Benedicto XVI lighting a Christmas tree with an Android tablet.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.