With tunein. Fully on the Air: Internet Radio Apps in the Test

En masse to bring radio transmitter on the mobile phone that comes with any radio app. But quantity is not everything. Can as an app without long hassle bring also your favorite local station while on vacation by the pool on Gran Canaria? What app offers further useful functions like the radio recording? And not to forget: how large is the range of channels at all? Our site has it tested.

Important stations aboard?

Little brings a radio app with 10,000 channels, if the choice of channels is complicated. Our site is therefore 40 stations regionally and internationally prescribed and in each app searched for them. Under Android delivered Radio.de which was most hit on ios class-leading tunein. Tail light Internet radio box had only 20 stations from the list in stock. All test candidates offered a search according to genre, artist found tunein Xiialive Pro and audials. The title search worked but only for Xiialive Pro. Pleasing: On Internet radio box, all apps listed also the local station of the environment.

Test results: Internet radio apps for Android

Attention, recording!

So the user can later hear interesting posts or music programs, offer tunein, Internet radio box and audials (Android) a recording function. Audials it correctly trumped up: request function can give artists whose pieces the app automatically and legally cut with and saves it in MP3 format. The recordings of tunein and Internet radiobox are playable only in the app itself.

Test results: Internet radio apps for ios

Practical additional features

Who wants to start the day with his favorite show or relax, can use the alarm or the sleep timer. The slimmed-down ios version of audials had these functions as only app not on board. Annoying: Internet radio box has a timer, but he worked in the test does not. Practical: Most apps allow operating on Wi-Fi to restrict, so valuable volumes of data to save.

Who searches, finds… Some

For conventional radio is the choice between a few programs and you must live with it what the transmitter just before manner. The radio apps do more of course and offer many selections that you find easier your desired music. The app Xiialive found in the test even certain title and played off the same live. That worked better, depending on the song was more popular. The test winner tunein cheating mind. A search for titles is possible, but in the test, the results list with the inputs had mostly little to do.


Tunein is the most expensive app in the test field, offers but the most for the money: the range of channels is very extensive and impressive, also the extensive additional functions can be seen. The presentation of the app is neat, just the search could be improved slightly.

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