Ultimate Sound Control: Modifies The Sounds of Your Smartphone without Dying in The Attempt to

Surely you know that the latest versions of Android They allow to adjust volumes of different Android features separately. I.e., you can have a volume medium for multimedia and have the phone silenced, either the volume tone of the phone to stop while you’re going down the street listening to your music at a volume that you deaf don’t.

The official versions of Android leave modify three volumes separately: alarm tone and multimedia. But there are ma sounds that you probably want to adjust, or even change the pitch and that is why we present Ultimate Sound Control.

Ultimate Sound Control requires root permissions and allows you to change all, I repeat, all volumes your device: multimedia, notifications, calls, alarm and system sounds. All from a single screen. In fact you can disable tones like the shutter of the camera or battery low.

The application has been developed by nagasgura from XDA-Developers and comes in two versions: Lite and Pro (charges apply). The first one allows you to adjust the volume and mute even sounds and version pro allows you to change all the sounds to your liking and not only volumes, including for example the sound of terminal unlocking.

Download Lite: Google Play Pro download: Google Play