Ubisoft Announces Rayman Party Run, Assassin’s Creed Pirates and Rabbids Big Bang This Fall

Ubisoft I bet even more on Android devices, releasing more titles in the coming months. During their Digital Days 2013 have announced three new games that reach Google Play this fall: Rayman party Run, Assassin’s Creed Pirates y Rabbids Big Bang.

Rayman party Run It is the sequel to Rayman Jungle Run, one of the best games of platform type runner. In its second installment, we will find new powers, new enemies, obstacles and 75 levels divided into four new worlds.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is an exclusive game for mobile devices that will have to manage our boat and crew to explore the seas of the Caribbean during the golden age, find treasures and face in naval battles to turn its protagonist, the young captain Alonzo Batilia, the most feared pirate.

Rabbids Big Bang It will be the new mobile’s more crazy rabbits game. In this game the Rabbids are going to space and with their rocket backpacks and with the use of gravity will have to overcome its 150 missions.

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Currently it is unknown the exact release dates and prices of these new games from Ubisoft for Android, just know that they will leave in the coming weeks, in autumn.