Tiny Thief Free Today at The Apps Store Amazon

We do not tire of getting a free application per day, and if up is one of the most amazing games of this year, much better for everyone. This time it’s one of the revelation of this season games: Tiny Thief. This game has been released under the program Rovio Stars to serve as distributor of games from other developers, which is free to download today from the Amazon app store.

In addition, this game is actually a Spanish product, since although it contains the aforementioned seal of Rovio, is created by the company 5ants, based in the city of Barcelona. The game is normally at a price of 2.69 euros and it is a game that evokes memories of the adventure games of yesteryear, with a very personal style and a sense of humor like no other.

The game has sympathetic protagonist a little thief who will have to circumvent their opponents based on cunning and intelligence to restore justice throughout six epic adventures medieval. It has a total of 30 levels completely interactive and full of puzzles to solve to find out which objects are those who have to steal to pass each level perfectly.

Tiny Thief v1.0

  • Version of Android: from Android 2.3
  • Developer: Rovio Stars
  • Download it in: Amazon
  • Price: Free (only today)
  • Category: Puzzle and mind games