Themer, an Application to Give a Radical Change to Your Android by Pressing a Button

Forms of Customize Android There are many. It usually involves a few steps and only a few applications allow us do it all jerk, which is simpler although sometimes leave us less freedom, e.g. Project Chameleon.

On the horizon, since he has not left yet, looks quite interesting customization application: his name is Themer and it wants to become one of the most powerful and versatile options to convert to our Android in a single device.

It all started in My Color Screen, a page where a lot of Android users climbed their personalized desktops. Some were really eye-catching and the good thing is that it wasn’t just screenshots but the creators went files so that we could install them on your mobile phone.

So far all good, until we encourage us to install a theme and discover that the process is a bit tedious: installs such launcher, then configure it in such a way and finally add these files to a folder in particular. It is not difficult, but requires some time.

Themer, creation of the guys from My Color Screen, want to bring all the power of his extensive collection of themes, the general public and to install it will be a matter of pressing a button. At the moment we only have a video and the classic message “within little”. We will be attentive to its launch because it promises enough.