Redmi 2A: Xiaomis New 90-Euro-Smartphone

Although xiaomi is a comparatively young company with its less than five years, the chinese start-up can already boast some successes. The most important of which is that xiami may refer to for several months as the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturers. Only samsung and apple sell more mobile phones than the shooting in this country so far still not very active star. The concept of xiaomi: goods processed devices with potent features at a relatively low price. Following this success the company now presents his new redmi 2a. Price: 599 chinese renminbi converted approximately 90 euro.

Quad-core processor on board

actually, the redmi 2a is a toned-down version of the redmi featured in the january 2015 2. this becomes clear only when the processor equipment: because instead of the 410 snapdragon chip from qualcomm, comes the processor was developed by the chinese company lead core of the type l1860c when the redmi 2a used. Which makes the user not only also four computing cores available cycles with 1.5 ghz also still a little faster only on the 64-bit support must give users.

The smartphone news 2016/2017

The main new equipment

4.7-inch screen

otherwise the facilities of the redmi 2a is similar to the larger brother’s: screen that resolves with 1280 x 720 pixels up next to a 4.7-inch also includes 1 gigabyte (gb) large memory, 8 gb of internal memory (expandable via microsd card), an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and a 2-megapixel frontknipse. In addition, xiaomis new entry offers gps, wi-fi, bluetooth 4.0, as well as a second sim card slot lte is also on board. The current store, xiaomi as in his redmi 2 on a 2,200 mah (mag) sets full battery. Xioamis in-house android variant miui is probably used as the operating system.

Mi note down immediately in pink
but also for the female clientele, there is something: as the chinese company is also announced in his forum, there are note the xiaomi phablet mi now also in the pink edition. Who but now thinks that xiaomi this change only the color of the mobile companion, is wrong: because in addition to the phablet which provides inter alia a 5.7 inch display (full hd), a snapdragon-801-chip, 3 gigabytes of ram, 16 gigabytes of memory and a 13-megapixel main camera pink the pink includes edition also still a power base with 5,000 mah. And that’s all for the usual price of about 2,500 renminbi converted approximately 375 euros.


two new ideas but have a hook: both devices are currently only for the chinese market. The mi is note there in the pink version already available, the redmi 2a is to have 8 april 2015.