Magic View: The Revolutionary Smartwatch Of Lenovo

A smartwatch, two screens: this is the future?

It was during his conference Lenovo Tech World the Chinese manufacturer has announced the launch of a connected to 2 screens, the Lenovo Magic View watch.

The size of the screen of connected watch remains a problem that hinders the sale of these toys. The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo think I found the solution by creating the smartwatch Lenovo Magic View. It has the particularity to be equipped with two screens. Which is a first on the market of the smartwatch.

Lenovo Continues To Innovate

The Conference of Lenovo Tech World, at Beijing, the manufacturer unveiled three inventions: the Smart Cast, the Lenovo Cast and the concept of Magic View smartwatch. The latter attracts the most attention because he was such a smart watch who takes two screens. The first screen, which is also the main, has the same shape (round) the others show smart. The second screen is located at the level of the bracelet.

Why A Second Screen?

The Conference which announced the launch of the Lenovo Magic View shows the brand managers indicated that the second screen is virtual and interactive. Operating under a very advanced projection technology, this screen compensates the constraints imposed by the small screen.

Lenovo said that this screen use the optical reflection, which allows to read text and images across the x 20. Simply approach his eye from a few centimetres to read articles or cards, play videos or photos to the higher dimensions to those proposed by the usual smartwatch. Also remember that the Magic View concept is designed in silicon and running Android Wear.

For the moment, no information has been released on the release date and price of this new toy of Lenovo. Let’s just hope that it does not stop at the concept stage.