Honor Band Zero: The Smartwatch of Tomorrow

A cross between watch and bracelet connected

While it always expected the Watch Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer has unveiled a new model of smart watch for his Honor, the Band Zero brand.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei, via its Honorbrand, announces a new connected watch before the end of the year, while the one he introduced at the MWC in Barcelona in March 2015 is still not available in France.This Honor Band Zero looks like a cross between a watch and a bracelet connected and perhaps foreshadows what will look like the next generation of connected watch.

Halfway Between The Withings Activity Pop And A 360 Motorcycle

The Honor Band Zero, which may be associated with the Honor 7, the new smartphone from the brand reference, for example will also follow his physical activity and sleep in addition to traditional notifications. With its round screen and light bracelet, this watch looks at halfway between a Withings activity Pop and a Moto 360.

No information has been given on its future distribution, which is not surprising since the Huawei Watch, a watch running Android Wear and that is customizable with many dials and bracelets available, still isn’t for sale.

More Versatile Connected Watches

The idea of Huawei, but also a lot of players in this new market is to work towards a lighter object, a kind of hybrid between watches and bracelets connected such as they appear today.
At the present time, a Smart Watch presents itself as an extension of the smartphone, equipped with a few additional sensors. In the future, they may well become more self-reliant, especially if they can get their own SIM card. They will thus simplify their mode of operation and will require more the sometimes cumbersome presence of a telephone nearby.

The terms of use, connected smartwatches of the future will have to endure as well to be a communications relay of real remote control to remotely control, his house or his car. They can also operate under new operating systems, specially dedicated to their uses. Finally, innovative ideas, such as adding a picoprojecteur to display alerts directly on the forearm, are already tried to improve their usability.

Global sales of connected watch should be multiplied by six this year, from 4 million in 2014 to 26.1 million end of 2015, according to the GfK Institute.