Google Hangouts Incorporates SMS, Animated Gifs, and Location

Google has just confirmed in an event designed for Google+, his experiment that refuses to qualify as a social network, a series of news about products on the page. In particular have confirmed some new features for the application of Hangouts, the messaging application that replaced GTalk.

Since it reconvirtiese in this application, Google has tried to Hangouts to be the Centre of messaging from your phone to your senses. One of the rumors that were bandied occur weeks ago was the inclusion of the SMS in the program, which has finally been confirmed by Vic Gundotra at an event focused on photography.

This innovation allows us to send and receive text messages through Hangouts, without having to go to the messages application. This feature was very in demand in the United States, where SMS are almost free of charge in many of the contracts from mobile. For those who do not have SMS included in the price always will we be warned when we are with a contact with this method.

Apart from that, Hangouts includes a pair of news of interest. The first is the possibility of sending the animated gif. Finally incorporated the possibility of share maps how they have some alternatives. Update is will be incorporated into Google Play over the hours, although they have not specified if they come at the same time to all users.