Google Hangouts 2.0, Now with Integration with SMS, GIF Animated, Location and More [APK]

A few days ago Google announced innovations which would come in the next few days to your instant messaging application. Well well now this new version has been leaked from Google Hangouts It’s coming soon to Google Play.

The main novelty of Google Hangouts 2.0 is that it adds integration with SMS and MMS so we can have all messages in the same application but well differentiated. The application will let us clear that talks are Hangouts and which with SMS. In the contacts list will also say to start a conversation if it is normal or with SMS/MMS. Integration with SMS is optional, the user has to activate it. Google Hangouts can perfectly replace the native application of messages.

Google Hangouts 2.0 now allows us to share Animated GIF, What is a good response to the animated stickers from the competition, and allows us to finally share our location. Also allows us to establish a State of mind and say in our state that device type we are using at the time (phone, tablet or computer) and if we are engaged in a call or video call.

This update will come progressively to all users over the next few days. If you don’t want to wait you can download the APK file to proceed to manual installation.