Blocks: The Smartwatch is That Everyone Pulls

The smart watch that (at least) is worth$1 million

Announced for many months, the smartwatch modular Blocks prepares for his arrival for may 2016. In the meantime, she hit on Kickstarter.

The British start-up Blocks Wearables is at the origin of the first modular smart watch project, which is customizable through one or more Add-ons. A successful product is available on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for deliveries scheduled in may 2016.

A Customizable Watch At Infinity

The watch case has a circular 1.34 inch screen. The device includes an accelerometer and microphone. It works with a House, compatible with iOS and Android Smartphone operating system.

The principle of Blocks is to customize the shows with additional components of his choice. The first available modules include an extension of battery (on the order of 20% per additional module), a heart rate monitor, a GPS, a chip NFC (contactless technology) and a tool showing both the temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude. Future modules should include Flash memory, a camera or even still a tool to measure the quality of the air.

Several Million Dollars Of Orders?

On his first day of presence on Kickstarter, Blocks exceeded $ 250,000, the amount requested in order to carry out its marketing. However, it is still possible to join the project, which has now raised a million dollars of funding. It costs $ 195 for the watch in its basic version to 285 dollars for the standard box with 4 modules at choice, knowing that various formulas allow then to order several more or less custom templates.

In The Meantime The Ara Of Google Smartphone

The idea of modular and connected high-tech watches is not new at So, Google is working on a project of smartphone, Ara, both economic, environmental and customizable. The principle is to put in place a smartphone consisting of a multitude of small blocks corresponding to as many interchangeable components: processor, memory, camera, speaker, smart 3G, etc. For now, the project is delayed to 2016.