BlackBerry Speaks of 20 Million New Active Users in BBM with The Launch on Android and IOS

We already know that BlackBerry is played much with the expansion of BBM in Android and iOS, and as the Canadian company are aware that their messaging service is a winning war horse in a rather trite market, are making a quite comprehensive figures tracking that, fortunately, are sharing with all of us.

To date we know numbers of downloads, which were already on 10 million, although that does not mean that all users who everybody the application were to activate your BlackBerry ID and use the service 24 hours.

Today, we know that, despite all the problems and long waits to activate the service that had to suffer multiple users, BlackBerry Messenger can confirm his launch success to register 20 million new users in the messaging service.

Already these data refer not only to shock, but to active users and that they have sent or received some sort of data in the last month from a device Android or Apple iOS.

BlackBerry Messenger therefore rises to 80 million users telling them that already used the application from BlackBerry OS, and although the figures are very good, is still very far from Whatsapp or Line, multi-platform services since its inception and are already more than living in the market.

To alleviate this distance, the Canadians have prepared several improvements which will be implemented in future updates, although it remains to be seen if this amount of new users is the new thing or if they continue to use BBM in the coming weeks.