BlackBerry Messenger for Android Postpones Its Launch Because of The Filtered Version

Yesterday was the date chosen by BlackBerry to launch its popular application of instant messaging for our devices, but as we have seen, BlackBerry for Android It did not officially Google Play, and seems that it will not do in the next few hours, since they’ve arrested the global deployment of BBM for iPhone and Android.

BlackBerry It has confirmed on her official blog that have postponed the launch of the Android version and stopped the deployment of the iPhone version, which if that came out officially in some countries. The blame apparently has the filtered version of BBM for Android.

Before the official launch of BBM for Android leaked a version of the application that does not stop spread through Internet. In the first 8 hours already 1.1 million users had installed it. But This new version started to give problems the team of BlackBerry He tried to solve throughout the day, which it provoked could not launch its application officially in Google Play.

Now BlackBerry you have disabled the filtered version of BBM for Android to stop working. Instead the users who downloaded the iPhone version officially if that can continue to use the application.

BlackBerry promises as soon as possible to begin staggered by countries in their application for Android release and to continue with the deployment of the iPhone version. It could be a matter of hours or days.


BlackBerry postpones BBM for Android and iOS launch

BlackBerry postpones BBM for Android and iOS launch